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We can help you change designated beneficiaries

Are you sure that your life insurance beneficiary details are up to date?

Life throws unexpected situations our way, and you may have experienced major changes in the last few years. Are you married or divorced? Perhaps your family has grown, or someone has simply become indispensable to you. Because of all these changes, it’s very important to regularly review your life insurance beneficiaries.

Did you know that...?

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You can change your life insurance beneficiaries to the individual/s of your choosing.

  • Beneficiaries can be individuals or legal entities, such as associations or foundations. In such cases, it’s very important to keep beneficiaries’ details up-to-date so that they can be identified when necessary.
  • You can make generic designations of people such as family members without specifying their names, e.g. “my descendants”, “my spouse”, etc. However, it’s always preferable to identify these individuals by first names and surnames.

Frequent doubts

Because the individuals designated as beneficiaries will be entitled to receive the life insurance benefit in the event of death, we recommend that you inform them of your decision and keep their details up to date at all times.

Personalised guidance

Please contact us with any queries you have. If you want to change or update your life insurance beneficiaries, your bank branch manager will be happy to do this for you. Our Life Care life insurance will be there for you when you need it most. Contact your personal advisor
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We look after of you, your family and our future

Our commitment to sustainability

At Sabadell Seguros y Pensiones we want to take care of present and future generations by managing the impact our business has on the environment and society. Find out more
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