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Do you have something to say? Don't hesitate, raise your voice to do the right thing!

Each of us is responsible for ensuring that we maintain our standards of ethical conduct and fulfill our commitment to act with integrity. That's why it's important that we talk, not only when something is really good or when we have an idea, but also when something may seem a little strange.

Informant Protection Policy and Information Management Procedure

Develop the following questions:

  • Examples of behaviors that are considered Inappropriate.
  • Internal and External communication channels available.
  • Body Responsible for managing communications.
  • How to communicate integrity concerns.
  • Canal Principles.
  • The investigation procedure of the reported facts (objectively, confidentially and respecting the rights of the people involved in the investigation).
  • Prohibition of retaliation against employees who comply with their obligation to communicate or who cooperate with an investigation of reported events.
  • Responsibilities of workers, team leaders, and functions.

How to make communications

The ethical channel allows communications to be made in writing or verbally. Communication can be carried out:

a) In writing, through the web form available at the following link Ethical Channel-Online

b) Verbally, by telephone: 900 99 84 46

c) At the request of the informant, it may also be presented through a face-to-face meeting within a maximum period of seven days using either of the two previous possibilities.


Non-retaliation policy

  • Sabadell Seguros y Pensiones does not tolerate retaliation against any employee who reports a concern in good faith, nor against those employees who participate in an investigation in good faith (e.g. witnesses) or provide information/evidence in the course of an investigation, and will adopt disciplinary measures in these cases.
  • If, because you have reported or intervened in an investigation, you believe you are suffering retaliation, you must immediately report this situation.