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When we talk about healthy habits, the most common ones probably always come to mind: eating a balanced diet, avoiding harmful products, doing sport, etc. But we forget about others that should always be borne in mind. Discover 5 healthy habits that will help you in your daily life.

1.       Take care of your head and keep your mental balance

Looking after your emotional and psychological well-being is an essential part of meeting the personal and professional challenges of everyday life. Factors such as fatigue, stress and anxiety can have a disruptive effect on your body and be a source of tension and overload.

Meditation and relaxation techniques are suggested as ways to prevent them. If you still feel incapable of managing your emotions, see your doctor about getting a specialist referral. Life Care life insurance offers you the possibility of getting personalised care from a psychological counselling team.

2.       Dental hygiene: a must for our wellbeing

Proper dental hygiene can help maintain healthy teeth and gums while also preventing difficult-to-correct oral problems. Achieving it is a matter of brushing your teeth frequently, limiting sugar intake and getting regular dental check-ups. You can also ask your dentist to teach you how to correctly brush and floss your teeth.

Our dental insurance gives you access to the benefits of Sanitas dental clinics including more than 50 free services.

3.       Getting a good night’s rest and enhancing sleep quality

Getting a sufficient amount of quality sleep is essential for your daily well-being. This is known as “sleep hygiene” and includes all of the routines you can carry out before going to bed to improve your sleep.

Some recommended habits to increase sleep quality involve reducing the number of hours in front of screens and body activation before going to bed. In this regard, try to avoid watching TV in bed and do your best to establish a sleep schedule. In addition, try not to do sport or eat sugary or spicy foods to avoid the stimulating effects they have on your body.

Sleeping 7-8 hours a day is a sure way to improve your mood and prevent other sleep-related problems such as tiredness, anxiety and distraction.

4. Careful with processed foods

Refined sugar, industrial baked goods and ready-made meals are just a few examples of foods that you are better off keeping out of your regular diet.

The key is to get your palate used to the taste of natural foods without artificial substances. The best habit you can get into is ridding yourself of foods that don’t do your body any good. Once you’ve achieved proper dietary management, it’s okay to occasionally indulge in “guilty pleasures”, including some of the aforementioned products.


5.       Get medical check-ups

Prevention is the best cure. Even if you are well and feel you have nothing to worry about, it’s important to get regular medical check-ups.
This is one of the best ways to detect abnormalities or diseases that have no symptoms.

In this regard, having insurance is another form of prevention. Our Life Care life insurance policies offer an additional medical guidance service that includes 100%personalised care designed to improve your quality of life.