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The steps to follow in resolving your home claim

  • 01
    Safety first

    Take the measures needed to limit the accident’s damage. For example, if you have a water leak turn off the stopcock.

  • 02
    Call us to report the claim

    Do this as soon as possible and give us as much information as you can so that we can find the best solution. Remember to have the policyholder’s ID card number ready so that we can identify you quickly.

  • 03
    We’ll get to work on it

    We’ll open and process the claim in the shortest possible time in order to resolve the incident. Before the adjusters arrive, take photos of everything relating to what happened.

  • 04
    Claim resolution

    We’ll keep you informed about subsequent steps to follow in resolving your claim and you can follow the news online through the link that we will send you once you open the claim. If you still have any questions, please contact us by phone or via WhatsApp.

A few tips

Depending on your problem, here are some ideas on how to get the incident resolved as quickly and easily as possible:

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  1. Remember to take photos The damage should be clearly visible in your photos.
  2. Report thefts If the loss is a theft, you should file a very detailed police report mentioning everything that has been affected. It’s a good idea to prepare an inventory before going to the police station.
  3. Identify the party that caused the loss If the party that caused the loss is outside your home, get their phone number, name, address and insurer. 
  4. Injured third parties If your loss has affected other people (neighbours, etc.), please let us know so that we can determine whether we’ll carry out the repair.
  5. Let us know about any new developments Keep us informed throughout the process. If there are any changes or new documentation, please let us know!


New! If you have just opened a claim...

You can receive updates, see the next steps, or send documentation, all from your mobile phone.

  • Always up to date: Real-time updates on your claim.
  • Track your upcoming appointments: Consult the visits with our technicians.
  • Send us the documentation (if necessary): In an easy and intuitive way, through your mobile or PC.

Have any other questions?

What does the Handyman service include?

Our Handyman service will provide the help you need to carry out small repairs at home. Our Home Protection insurance allows you to receive one free visit per year lasting up to 3 hours for installations and other small home repairs (unused time for this service cannot be added to subsequent visits). 

For more information, click here.

Is damage caused by extreme weather events included in home insurance?

Home Protection

If your home sustains either interior or exterior damage caused by wind (gusts of more than 75km/h), rain (more than 40l/m2 per hour), hail (including hailstones) or snow, it will be protected.

Blink Home

If your home sustains either interior or exterior damage caused by wind (gusts of 96-120 km/h), rain (more than 40l/m2 per hour), hail (including hailstones) or snow, it will be protected.

What’s Building?

Building is the structure, i.e. all the structural elements and materials that are part of the home’s construction, from the pipes to the flooring. If you own your home, it’s the most important cover.

What’s Content?

Content includes all the possessions inside a home such as clothing, furniture, electronic devices, food, valuables, etc.

Would you like to extend your home insurance?

You can change the conditions of your insurance whenever you want. Contact our customer service team and we’ll make the changes quickly. Make an appointment
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